Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The roofs of Il Centro

Have you heard about the new super mall complex in Italy, “Il Centro”? A Mega-Mall with 205 shops, covering 120,000 meters designed by Studio Conte Srl.  It's the largest shopping center in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe. Just think of all of those stores: and all of all of the roofs that cover all of those stores! When you have an expansive roof system like Il Centro does, you need the best in rain management technology. 

Located in Arese, near Milan in the Lombardia Region, Il Centro was built on the site of an old Alfa Romeo factory. To manage rainwater on such a vast roofing complex, the builders looked to Wavin, the experts in “rainwater capture technology” to take part in the constructing of the Il Centro, a LEED Certified building complex. Our innovative QuickStream systems, featuring Siphonic roof drainage, nicely fit the bill.  Chief Engineer and Installer Sergio Tajé of Il Cento shared with us:

"Wavin QuickStream’s cutting-edge and well-tested software design provides extreme versatility and adaptability, allowing the system and installer to quickly resolve all issues…”

The pipes and fittings used are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with diameters from 40 mm to 315 mm, and are completely welded using butt-welding or electrofusion welding.

There are 2,000 meters of High Density Polyethylene pipes and fittings employed for the drainage system at Il Centro. The height difference between the roof surface and the point of discharge is part of the Siphonic system: it creates a negative pressure inside the system which removes water from the roof twice as fast as traditional systems. That’s why QuickStream is ideal for Il Centro. 

”Sergio added; the Wavin QuickStream system allows us to use fewer downpipes…reducing the systems’ interference, and optimizing the available space. The siphonic system was easily assembled, and all the tools were provided by Wavin. The Wavin system satisfied everybody.” 

We asked Sergio about the end result for Il Centro?

“Excellent, without a doubt.” Wavin’s QuickStream. Because into every life some rain must fall! 

Like to learn more about the advantages of using the QuickStream siphonic roof drainage system? Read a previous news item HERE or contact your local operating Wavin company for more information.