Solutions for every aspect of rainwater management

The challenge of solving the puzzle of rainwater is something that the innovators and stormwater wizards at Wavin have faced head-on… and solved.

We examined every piece of the rainwater puzzle – from how to deal with flooding, droughts and groundwater depletion to urban heat stress and surface water pollution. And we created long-lasting solutions with key characteristics: fast and easy to handle, install and maintain; reliable; practical; versatile; and sustainable.

And so, we present to you our long-lasting range of rainwater units – Q-Bic Plus, AquaCell and AquaCell Lite. The versatility and modularity of Wavin’s units make them ideal for all application areas. In fact, our geocellular units can also form an underground tank for trees to grow in urban areas! Combined with intelligent technology (StormHarvester), rainwater reuse can be optimized, regardless of the soil type, available area or load. These three rainwater solutions cover the spectrum of stormwater management needs and requirements.

The optimal solution – Q-Bic Plus

If you want fast and easy installation, the Q-Bic Plus is the tank to choose. Integrated connectors secure a safe tank with all units interlocked in one go – no need for clips and pins. It features, push-fit functionality with modular units and accessories that simply click into place. And it provides total access for inspection and cleaning – with 77% open floor space with lateral and vertical access and more than enough room for cleaning equipment to go in.

A unique and exciting application for Wavin’s Q-Bic Plus is our Tree Tank solution – which lets trees flourish and prevents roots from damaging roads, as it facilitates the ideal circumstance for root growth with the required minerals, water and air. Tapping the Q-Bic Plus feature of easy installation, Wavin’s Tree Tank provides a stable construction underground with its unique side panels that separate compacted soil from loose soil. An ideal green solution for sustaining a beautiful tree canopy in urban areas.


The practical solution – AquaCell

Wavin’s AquaCell rainwater units – made from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic (PP) – is a space saver. Its stackable design allows up to 4 times more product to be loaded into every truck – significantly reducing CO2 emissions, requiring less space on the building site and fewer deliveries.


The simple solution – AquaCell Lite

The AquaCell Lite rainwater units are ideal for non-trafficked areas like parks, gardens and carparks. Made from 100% recycled plastic (PP), these units are very cost-effective and easy to install.


Smart stormwater management

The Wavin StormHarvester system features technology to optimize rainwater reuse while preventing flooding due to heavy rainfall. Plus, it increases the potential of an infiltration system. For example, if you want to use an attenuation tank for water reuse all the time… or use infiltration tanks in all soil conditions... Wavin StormHarvester’s smart technology combined with our rainwater tanks makes all of this possible! Wavin’s spectrum of rainwater management solutions solve every piece of the rainwater puzzle. We have embarked on a journey to build healthy, sustainable environments by creating solutions to make our cities climate-resilient. Will you join us?