Service and support for rainwater management

New city hall for Utrecht

Adjacent to the central station, Utrecht’s new City Hall with its two white 92 meter towers makes a striking addition to the city skyline. This new high rise building required an effective system for rainwater management. Wavin’s service and support, including expert planning and logistics were central to the success of this demanding project.

Ron Derks, head of assembly at contractor HOMIJ Technical Installations, explains why he recommended Wavin to the client, NS Stations. “Choosing Wavin was about more than product design and system excellence. Wavin doesn’t just offer exceptional products. Their service is backed by first class support and logistics. They provided accurate implementation drawings and precise rainwater dispersal calculations.”

Logistics are critically important on any large scale project, and Wavin provides winning performance. Storage on site must be minimized, and HOMIJ could be confident that components ordered in the afternoon would be promptly delivered the next morning. Technical support is also constantly available, ensuring that any questions regarding installation or configuration are resolved quickly and easily.
Wavin provides first class support, excellent logistics and exceptional products.
Ron Derks , HOMIJ Technical Installations
The solution is based on Wavin PE QuickStream. With tall buildings, it is particularly important to ensure that rainwater is drained quickly and efficiently. The vacuum created in the Wavin siphonic system ensures that water is dispersed rapidly and efficiently under the most extreme conditions.

For Marius Evers, Wavin account manager and construction and installation specialist, it is all about intelligent design, “Unlike traditional gravity-fed systems, PE QuickStream provides safe and effective rainwater discharge for even the most complex roof structures.”

Utrecht’s new City Hall is scheduled for completion in 2014. It will be the central point for municipal services in Utrecht – and a showcase for effective rainwater management.