Working well together with smart logistics

Meander Medical Center: Amersfoort new hospital

The new Meander Medical Center serves the Amersfoort region of the Netherlands. The Center occupies over 100,000 m2. It is light and airy, and particular attention has been paid to sensitive integration in the surrounding natural environment. During construction, contractors needed to work seamlessly together – maximizing efficiency at every stage of the build. Smart logistic management was essential, and the Meander construction teams benefitted from exceptional coordination of supply.

The prime installation contractor, Burgers Ergon BV, was serviced by construction logistics specialists Technische Unie BV, who in turn coordinated with Wavin. Wavin provided all halogen-free, low friction cable conduits, together with PE drainage pipes and fittings. Wavin technical support and project office teams calculated exactly what was needed for the job, and provided professional guidance on the design and implementation of the storm water drainage system.

Wavin Account Manager René Bosman, explains the importance of professional relationships, “Burgers Ergon, Technische Unie and Wavin have worked together on many major projects, and we know how to coordinate effectively with an integrated approach.”

For Eric Slegt of Technische Unie, this project needed an even more agile and efficient approach than usual, “Normally Technische Unie issues orders and then arranges a truck for next day delivery. For the Meander Medical Center build, we wanted a new kind of vertical integration.”

For the Meander Medical Center build, we wanted a new kind of vertical integration.
Eric Slegt , Technische Unie

The onsite Technische Unie logistics team managed inventory and fine-tuned orders. This ensured that the required parts and systems were delivered directly to one of 45 designated drop-off points. Orders arrived ‘just-in-time’, minimizing the need for additional moves on site and ensuring that all specialist installation teams had the parts and systems they needed, where and when they needed them.