The first LEED Gold Certification in Hungary

Corporate Social Responsibility for K&H Bank

Environmental sustainability is central to corporate social responsibility for K&H Bank. When the bank developed its new headquarters within Budapest’s 75,000 m2 TriGranit Millennium City Center project, they were keen to achieve LEED gold certification. This would be a first for Hungary. Wavin would make a critical contribution with its surface heating and cooling systems, enabling the bank to reduce overall energy consumption by 15%.

Engineering consultants from Wavin were actively involved from the start. They proposed improvements to the original building design.  Wavin’s ceiling heating and cooling systems offered a simpler, more elegant and more cost-effective solution than the traditional floor convectors which featured in the original plan.

The Wavin solution was independently tested in complex simulations conducted by the Engineering Faculty of Budapest University. For Árpád Török, CEO of main contractor, TriGranit Development Corporation, the test results were clear. “We were already impressed with the sustainability record shown by Wavin on other large-scale projects, but the simulation results from the university showed categorically that the Wavin approach was the best.”

The simulation results from the University of Budapest showed categorically that the Wavin approach was the best.
Árpád Török , CEO, TriGranit Development Corporation

Wavin systems were adopted right across the project: for surface heating and cooling; for heating and water pipes; for siphonic roof drainage and water recycling from the roof gardens; and for all soil and waste systems.

With this project, K&H Bank became the first institution in Hungary to be awarded LEED Gold Status. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification is an internationally recognized mark of excellence. It acknowledges that building owners and operators have achieved practical and measurable green building design, construction, operation and maintenance.