Friday, October 16, 2015

Wavin launches storm water management campaign

The storm water management market is one of rapid growth. Reasons for this growth are topics like climate change, urbanization and ever-changing storm water legislation. Storm water or rainwater management is top of mind at engineers designing new building projects. They are searching for answers to questions like: how to comply with (local) legislation about water runoff, how to calculate the performance of storm water management systems, and which systems are most cost-efficient?

Familiar questions that we at Wavin recognize. To support engineers with the questions they have, Wavin is offering technical and design support. We help with online calculations tools, specialized consulting and engineering experts and game-changing innovations that make design or installation easier than ever before.

Most recent storm water management innovation: Wavin Q-Bic Plus

With the recently launched Q-Bic Plus infiltration unit a whole new standard in storm water management has been created. Q-Bic Plus units have integrated connectors and just click in place. Installation is proven to be twice as fast compared to traditional systems with connectors and pins. Watch the time-lapse video and get convinced:

For engineers it’s important to understand that with Q-Bic Plus there is complete freedom in designing a storm water tank. The calculation and design tool by Wavin shows you all the available options with just a couple of clicks (see video below).

For more information about Q-Bic plus, please contact your local Wavin representative. 


Wavin is currently running a storm water management campaign to communicate the available support for engineers. The campaign is visualized with technical formulas that cover the most important market topics: legal compliance, performance and cost-efficiency.

The campaign is currently live in Denmark, Poland and Norway with more countries to follow soon. If you are interested to learn more about Wavin’s storm water management capabilities, just send us an e-mail at or contact your local Wavin office

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