Install with confidence

Wavin’s brand-new installer campaign

Working with the right materials

There is nothing that brings more joy than working with the right materials. So don't worry if you burst into song or start dancing. It is perfectly normal.


This year, our Install with Confidence campaign will launch in 31 countries across Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific in two waves, the first in May and the second in September.

This campaign is the continuation of Gear Up, aimed at small installers around the world. Wavin is going bigger and bolder and why not dancing on the way. For Wavin, installers are one of its most important and valued customer groups. Their work is essential, ensuring safe drinking water supplies and efficient drainage. With products like Wavin Tigris K5/M5, Wavin SiTech+ and Wavin Underfloor Heating, we offer installers the widest range of solutions that make a difference. With these powerful solutions in combination with Wavin's installation and design support, we hope to put a smile on the faces of installers. They might even start dancing...


The campaign is aimed at installers worldwide and offers them prizes to win, next to special discounts and offers via their local merchants. Although the campaign is mainly digital, we don't forget how important it is to be visible on the ground, at the thousands of sales outlets.

What can you expect from us? To give you an idea, let's look at some examples of how we activate the campaign. The Czech Republic was the first country to go live with a nationwide roadshow. In Germany, the campaign was launched at one of the largest installer trade fairs. In Italy, many dealers across the country have started promoting the campaign. In the second half of 2022, the campaign will cross the Atlantic and go to countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Peru and many more. For now, stay tuned and click on the country of your choice to view the campaign. Please note that participation is only for installers!

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