Gear Up with Wavin!

Installing Confidence

Welcome to the global Gear Up campaign!




And here it is! Wavin has launched its Gear Up campaign throughout Europe and Latin America, as a shout out to plumbers and installers around the globe. This year marks the 4th edition of the Wavin Gear Up campaign!

About Gear Up

The first Gear Up campaign was launched in 2016, in 10 European countries. This year, Gear Up 4, we are going global where also the countries in LATAM will run with the same concept. Gear Up was the first pan-European campaign and also the first time Wavin communicated directly with the installer target audience


Installers can join the campaign and win various prizes. However, every country has a choice of so-called campaign mechanism:

  • In the UK they grabbed the opportunity to launch their loyalty app as part of Gear Up. That app is called Wavin Rewards.
  • In Brazil the sales colleagues decided to grow a moustache in order to look like the character John the Plumber! Also in Brazil, the campaign film is going to be shown on nationwide television.
  • In LATAM, the Wavin (Amanco/Pavco/Plastigama) brand is a consumer brand. That means that campaigning is not only aimed at installers, but also at consumers.

The campaign concept and communication assets were developed by our global creative marketing agency called Kunde & Co. The digital activation was handled by our digital agency Valtech.


This must be one of the most complex setups I have ever created, now I'm ready to share it with everyone!
Plumber John , Argentina

More countries, more prizes

Every country has their own mechanism to let installers win great prizes. From uploading a receipt to entering a voucher code. Prizes range from...

Gear Up at other countries:

Netherlands, France, Belgium, Czech republic, Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador

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gu4-banner (1)
Hello, I'm John

Meet John/Max/Rudi/Gianni the Plumber

The campaign is carried by its main character: John the Plumber. He is called differently in other countries, eg Max in France, Rudi in Germany, Gianni in Italy, etc. We casted this actor because of his humor and looks (he was accepted by all countries as he could be a Danish, Italian, Turkish or Brazilian plumber).


Frequently Asked Questions

The Wavin Gear Up campaign is country specific where in each country the campaign is executed differently. Campaign conditions (eg discounts, promotional offers, gifts) mentioned in Wavin group communication on Wavin group channels are not valid. Please check the campaign conditions in your own country by visiting the local Gear Up campaign website. If you have any questions or if your country is not mentioned, we advise you to contact your local Wavin company or contact person. 



Who do I contact if I have any questions?

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When does the campaign start and when will it end?

Answer goes here. Every country has their own start and end date, the campaign is up for 8 weeks. 

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