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As we navigate this COVID-19 crisis, we are very aware how important it is to protect the men and women on the front line of the battleground – the healthcare workers. Wavin has created a special production line to produce face protection shields (FPS) for you, the brave nurses, doctors, and caregivers. Through this initiative we hope to fight the shortage in personal protective equipment.

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Shield Design

A Face Protection Shield is a personal protective equipment to protect someone’s entire face (or part of it) from potentially infectious materials. It has been recommended that in those situations where a face shield is used, a medical/surgical mask would also be indicated. Face shields are not meant to function as primary respiratory protection and should not be used alone because aerosols can flow behind the visor. The design of the Wavin Face Protection Shield has been positively evaluated by multiple hospitals in the Netherlands. 

Instructions and fitting guide

The Wavin Face Protection Shield is easy to use:
1. Press the holes in the transparent screen on the hooks on the yellow carrier
2. Secure rubber strap on the rear hooks
3. Place shield over your head and in front of your face
Very professional design, simple and effective.
Leiden University Medical Center  , (LUMC)

Order and Delivery Process

The shields can be ordered by the box, where each box contains XX shields. Once the order has been received, the Wavin Netherlands organization will ensure fast shipment. You can enter your request in the form at the bottom of this page. Upon receipt of your request you will be contacted with a delivery time

Why Wavin

Wavin is an innovative solution provider for the building and infrastructure industry. At Wavin, we focus on creating positive change in the world and our passion is building healthy, sustainable environments. Wavin is part of Orbia, a community of companies bound together by a shared purpose: to advance life around the world. Wavin has been producing various plastic materials since 1955 and was quickly able to agree with suppliers on setting up a dedicated face shield production line. 
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Initiators have tested the system themselves and are confident that it will work. However, the system has not been tested or certified and does not have any (safety) standards. Initiators have made an effort to come up with a good solution quickly, but cannot give any guarantee on this. Anyone who wants a guarantee or certainty must have the system tested and standardized by an authorised testing institute.


Do you have any questions about the shields or the order process? Feel free to contact our customer service department.