Better building performance

It is a recognized fact the badly constructed or poorly designed buildings are a challenge to both the environment and the population.

Before building even begins, we need to make the right decisions about the materials we choose so they are of the highest standards, not only in the planning stage but also in  execution. Digitalization and modern building techniques can also help reduce inefficiency and building waste. And because most buildings are already built, we also need to focus on new technologies to improve them in the most efficient and sustainable way.

At Wavin, we have the technologies and solutions to build better – for greater comfort, energy efficiency and with failure free installations. We prioritize the comfort of residents in new builds and can advise on how best to retrofit existing buildings.


of energy consumption in Europe comes from heating and cooling of buildings


of all waste in the EU comes from construction waste


predicted cost savings in construction with full-scale digitalisation

Our perspective

How we see better building performance

Our ambition is to facilitate the use of technologies and solutions that provide comfort, energy efficiency and failure free installations, in both new and old builds. From underfloor heating solutions that give better and more efficient heat distribution to water distribution that guarantees and improves the quality of drinking water. We need to make the right decisions for better buildings and building performance across the globe.

BIM designed for the real world
Surprisingly, current digital modelling assets can allow you to design something that cannot be realistically manufactured or installed – for example, a pipe at an impractical angle. Poor software design like this is leading to last-minute specification changes, errors, project delays, and cost overruns. BIM utilising integrated intelligent assistance can provide a 100% accurate installation model of a pipe system.

Underfloor heating for more energy efficiency
With buildings consuming up to 40% of all energy, it’s time to decide on the most energy-efficient solutions to provide residents with the comfort they demand.
Underfloor heating distributes heat more evenly, reduces energy consumption and is a simple way to optimise a building’s energy performance.