Sustainability strategy

Wavin's 2025 sustainability strategy comprises of six global sustainability programs. Ambitious targets have been defined for each program. All focused on becoming an industry leader in sustainability in 2025. Read more about our current work and how we move forward in our new Sustainability Journey brochure (download below). 

Our six sustainability programs

1. Innovation 

Offering innovative solutions to contribute in the adaptation of climate change for our customers by using recyclate materials as much as possible, reducing the amount of materials use to minimize environmental impact, and increasting the number of innovative Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) solutions, such as Indoor Climate Solutions and TreeTanks.

2. Circular economy

Contributing to the increase of recyclate usage and recyclability of products: increasing global recyclate usage to 25% (2025), and further growing the recyclability of our products to 90% (2025).

3. Environmental impact

Decreasting the environmental footprint for customers: increasing the usage of sustainable energy and piloting SMART supply chain solutions.

4. Social Inclusion

Creating a positive impact on (local) communities and embrace diversity: expanding water fund projects, improving diversity hiring, etc. 

5. Reporting

Reporting performance on sustainability programs to stakeholders (via Orbia - see Sustainability Reporting)

6. Public Affairs

Active involvement in policy development to increase the impact of our sustainability activities.