Recent innovations

Wavin has sustained progress by always looking ahead - and innovating. Not just in product design, but also in technology and customer-focused operations - the world does not stand still. The pressure to drive down costs, the need to deliver projects faster, the demand of new regulations and the call for greater energy efficiency; throughout Wavin we recognise that the only way to keep pace is to innovate continuously. On this page you will find the latest Wavin innovations.

Wavin TreeTanks - let's bring trees back to the cities

Urban trees produce oxygen, improve air quality, provide shade and reduce the effects of global warming. They contribute to the health and well-being of the people who work and live in cities. Landscape architects and city authorities realize how much good greenery can do for a city. TreeTanks are a new proposal from Wavin, thanks to which greenery in cities can develop without any obstacles, and city residents can reap the rewards of living in areas rich in greenery.

The Wavin TreeTank is a new solution that allows trees to grow and helps to prevent roots from destroying roads and pavements. Our solution provides the roots with water, and access for air and nutrients, whilst at the same time acting as a barrier against the roots causing damage at ground level. Look how the Belgium city of Hasselt is benefiting big time from the Wavin TreeTanks! 

Wavin AS+  it's all about (very) low noise...

Noise reduction in piping is an important challenge that should be taken seriously. But it should not come at the cost of installation time or effort. That's why we've equipped our premium low-noise soil and waste pipe system Wavin AS+ with several solutions that save time, effort and money. Thanks to its unique high-density materials composition and specially developed noise reducing brackets, the new Wavin AS+ handles both airborne and structure noise in buildings large and small. The sculptured spigot and self-lubricated blue seal ensure super-fast and easy installation. 

Tigris K5/M5 - the fitting that will blow you away

Our new Tigris K5/M5 turns pressure testing into an installers new favorite activity. Perform the pressure test with air and a loud sound (an 80dB whistle!) will indicate where there is an unpressed fitting. We call this the Acoustic Leak Alert, how about that? But pressure testing with the Tigris K5/M5 press coupling has many more advantages - whether you choose to test with air or water!

What about not having to switch pressing tools? Tigris K5/M5 fittings can be pressed with the five most common press profiles. So do you already have a pressing tool with an Up, H, U, B or TH press jaw? Thanks to MultiJaw you don't have to buy new tools to enjoy the benefits of Tigris K5/M5. 

Last but not least: Optiflow. Because of OptiFlow, the flow of Tigris K5/M5 is up to 50% greater than that of a regular fitting. And the better the flow in the pipe, the less pressure loss, heat loss and the chance of legionella contamination. Win, win, win! For more information on Tigris K5/M5, go and check this page.

AquaCell infiltration units are the most practical solution

The AquaCell rainwater management units our Wavin's practical solution, with space-saving and stackable design. We listened to contractors from all over the globe and improved our AquaCell unit based on their input. The new AquaCell is three times faster to install than its predecessor, stackable and made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.

Wavin SiTech+ performs well on all aspects

Wavin SiTech+ is a mineral reinforced polypropylene (PP) soil and waste system. The system offers increased robustness, low-noise properties and improved ease of installation. We have increased the weight of the fittings by 20% for improved acoustic performance, meaning less noise from waste water flowing through pipes. More weight = less noise!