Spotlight on Urban Storm Water Management

Spotlight on storm water management 

Preparing for tomorrow's storm water challenge

Think about tomorrow’s challenges today

• How do we prevent surface water contamination?   • How can we avoid disrupted infrastructure and damages?   • What is the role of paved areas?  • How can we make urban design water sensitive?   • How can we increase capacity?

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Watch storm water management expert Geertjo van Dijk discuss challenges and solutions. 

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The robust and flexible approach to storm water management

When it comes to storm water management, our cities will face unprecedented challenges in years to come. Unpredictable climatic conditions means solutions must be robust and flexible enough to deal with just about anything. At Wavin, we see it as our role to use our experience knowledge and products to help build future proof cities.  

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“We communicate the challenges storm water management faces – now and in the future. And, of course, we communicate solutions available now to meet those challenges.”

Geertjo van Dijk, 
European Product Manager Storm Water Management

The short answer to storm water management:

Attenuation and infiltration
Retention and reuse of water 
Separation of storm water and foul water 
Treatment and plastic vs. concrete 

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 Infiltration Pipe  Wavin Road Gully  Q-bic plus

Infiltration pipe

  • Effective rainwater disposal
  • Easy inspection 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Long-lasting


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Wavin Road Gully

  • 2 x faster maintenance 
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Higher effectiveness
  • 100% recyclable materials


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Q-bic +

  • 2 x faster installation
  • Lightweight 
  • Modular



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Technical paper on storm water management

Discover how to build a sustainable, climate-resilient city and read about how urban flooding challenges can be solved through:
- Engineering design and planning
- A holistic approach 


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