Solutions for Rainwater

Climate change with massive rainfall, extreme heats and droughts put pressure on cities. Growing populations increasingly ask for greener living space. We need to (re)act to climate change and build livable and loveable cities. We will work towards these goals by creating integrated rainwater management solutions, countering the risk of flooded streets, avoid urban heat stress, and support greenification of cities. Most of our current products and solutions already contribute big time as you can see in the animation below. After that you find a list of the Wavin rainwater management portfolio. 

Tegra road gully

Our cities are facing some serious challenges, facing 30% heavier rainfall due to climate change. Traditional road gullies cannot drain the rainwater away fast enough and will overflow into the street. Flooding. The new Wavin European road gully offers new levels of performance: the filter inside handles two times more dirt and leaves before clogging. When it needs to be cleaned, the intelligent design ensures >95% clean with just one cleaning operation. Did we mention it's extremely light-weight? One person can install it easily.

By the way, did we mention it's 100% made from recycled material? Have a look at the video showing you all these benefits. The second video explains the importance of the unique filter.

Siphonic roof drainage QuickStream

Choose siphonic drainage when you need to drain large rainwater volumes from flat roof tops quickly and efficiently. Typically used on large industrial and commercial roofs, our siphonic system is a cost-effective substitute for traditional systems. 

Attenuation and infiltration Q-Bic Plus, AquaCell and AquaCell LITE

Good rainwater management solutions are a puzzle. A puzzle of size and space below-ground, environmental impact, traffic load, maintenance requirements, legal requirements and more. The Wavin infiltration and attenuation solutions give you maximum control over rainwater discharge. Q-Bic Plus is the optimal solution for fastest installation and total access for inspection and cleaning. AquaCell is the practical solution for space-saving with stackable design. AquaCell LITE is the simple solution for parks, gardens and all non-trafficked areas.


Q-Bic Plus units can also be used as part of a green solution (tree tanks to plant and grow trees in urban areas) or smart solution (Stormharvester weather predictive software for more intelligent and secure rainwater harvesting).

Flow control Corso

Use our flow controls when you need to manage the overall volume of rainwater in your system. They give you precise control over the flow rate between storage and treatment systems.

Twin wall pipes X-Stream

Make Wavin twin-wall pipes an active component in your approach to attenuation, infiltration and drainage. Light and easy to manage and install, they are a great advance on traditional concrete pipes.

Oil separators, Hydrodynamic separators and filtration cartridges Certaro

When you drain rainwater from roads and car parks, regulations may require you to separate oil residue. Wavin offers a wide range of LGA-certified Class I oil separators.Sand and silt particles can also hold traces of heavy metals, and these too need to be isolated. Wavin’s range of hydrodynamic separators remove heavy metals. Use Wavin's compact filtration cartridges to also filter out small pollutants including nutrients and poly-aromatic hydrocarbons.

Infiltration pipes

Your choice of pipe makes a real difference to the effectiveness of rainwater disposal. Wavin twin-wall infiltration pipes make an active contribution. They are slotted to allow controlled infiltration as water is transported. Wavin also offers vertical infiltration pipes because digging trenches in busy urban environments is expensive and disruptive.

Local availability

To find out if these systems are available for your project, please visit the website of the Wavin company in your country by selecting your country via this link or via the menu on top of this page.