Lower costs, not quality.

Balance is the most important thing. When designing a system that meets high requirements, the most important thing is to achieve a perfect balance between the costs of materials and construction works and ensuring uninterrupted operation of the system in the long run.

Using the experience and the right tools at the design stage, you can choose a solution that will meet the expectations both in the area of investment costs, duration of construction works and ultimately optimal maintenance costs of the installation.


We know that developing a solution that will be optimal in terms of cost also during the lifetime is quite a challenge. Our specialists approach non-stereotypically to use a wide range of available products, so as to ultimately suggest a solution that will be optimal both at the purchase stage and during assembly or operation.


Materials are usually a large part of the investment costs, and any savings achieved by lowering the quality of products used can be very expensive in the future. Considering the costs of construction work and the costs of maintaining and maintaining the system in the future, you may find that there are actually many ways to reduce the total real investment costs.

Construction works

Wavin products have been designed in such a way as to minimize the time needed to install them. What's more, for some systems we can offer prefabricated elements, which in combination with our consultancy on the construction site and training in the correct assembly can result in a significant reduction in the duration of assembly work.


The topic of future operation of the rainwater management system is increasingly being addressed. This is especially important to us, because we have always paid attention to our systems being not only easy and cheap to operate, but also safe. When designing our products, we also took into account the aspect of the cost of maintaining the installation by future operators.

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Our specialists are ready to take on any challenge related to rainwater. Regardless of whether you need to optimize costs, improve system performance, or develop a system in line with local guidelines. Feel free to contact or download our design and selection tools.

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