Q-Bic plus

Our optimal solution, for fastest installation and total access

Providing easy access for fast, effective inspection and cleaning, Q-Bic Plus ensures long-lasting optimal rainwater tank performance. This unit speeds up installation significantly and ensures building a reliable tank - saving valuable time and space on your building site.

Q-Bic plus features

Freedom to design

Design, calculate and adapt the ideal rainwater basin - regardless of soil type, space conditions or load. Q-Bic Plus is extremely flexible in terms of inspection and cleaning options.

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2 x faster installation

Q-Bic Plus is composed of lightweight units with integrated locking wedges, which provide a very fast and efficient installation compared to traditional cassette systems, where clips and stacking pins are used.

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Free access for inspection and cleaning

Take advantage of an open design that ensures optimal capacity throughout the life of the rainwater basin. With Q-Bic Plus, we guarantee simple and efficient maintenance.

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Q-Bic plus - Fast installation

Q-Bic plus - Product

Q-Bic plus - installation