Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wavin shows new systems in Germany and Turkey

Wavin is an innovator in the business. This was shown once again at two international trade fairs where Wavin was present. In Germany at the IFAT show, visitors were introduced to no less than 15 new products and solutions. At the ISK-Sodex fair in Turkey, Wavin launched  two drinking water supply systems which have not been seen in that market before.

Tegra Manholes star of IFAT

With some 135,000 visitors from approximately 170 countries, IFAT is the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management.

On the Wavin stand in Munich, visitors were offered an impressive number of new products and solutions, most notably the  completely new Wavin Tegra manholes. Among the other new introductions were the expansion of the successful Wavin Compact Pipe renovation solution, a new drainage pipe in PolyPropylene and updates of online calculation tools for rainwater management.

IFAT was a very successful event for Wavin. Not earlier did we offer our customers 15 new propositions during one show: new products, new features, new calculation tools.
Christian Kemper , Marketing Manager Wavin Germany

Wavin introduces Turkey to innovative drinking water systems

At the ISK-Sodex fair in Istanbul – Turkey’s largest exhibition of its kind with over 90,000 visitors – two products were launced. Wavin Hep2O, the innovative push-fit system for hot and cold water, is the first of its kind available in the Turkish market. Visitors were given a sample kit to try the system for themselves, showing the ease of installation.

We received great response from our customers during the pre-introduction of Hep2O and PPR-CT (Basalt Therm) at the fair.
Andres Capdepon , Wavin CFO

The other system that was introduced, Wavin PPR-CT (Basalt Therm), was very well received, too. This system provides unique and superior features like higher pressure resistance at higher temperatures, and thanks to a larger inner diameter it provides higher flow rate, lower linear expansion and stability. 

These new products [Hep2O and PPR-CT] will change the rules in the industry.
Orhun Capanoglu , General Manager Wavin Pilsa

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