Monday, September 11, 2017

Wavin launches Gear Up II campaign for installers

As a plumber, you never know what lies ahead. Each day is a venture – full of intriguing challenges, new discoveries and (hopefully) more laughs than tears. We have a few surprises of our own – just for you, hardworking installers and plumbers! For the second year in a row, we’re launching our Gear Up campaign throughout Europe. You may be wondering “what’s up with all these doors?” Ahhh, but we wouldn’t want to spoil all the fun by telling you right now. You’ll have to sign up and find out for yourself…

John the Plumber is back

Look who’s back! It’s the Gear Up mascot: John the Plumber. He will be joining us throughout the campaign – helping you to open up new doors. Just like you do – all the time. Plumbers have to think on their feet as each day presents new challenges and distractions. It’s a wonder that they get the jobs done in just one day!

Every installer is a winner

But you knew that already! The Wavin Gear Up II campaign will be full of twists and turns – engaging (and animated) online discussions, shared tips and tricks, funny/scary stories, games and quizzes, and of course… prizes behind every door. The promotion will run for 10 weeks at participating merchant outlets around Europe. To join, go to the Gear Up landing page of your local Wavin operating company. You must be a recognized customer of a participating builders and plumbers merchant during the 10 weeks promotional period. The merchants will display "Gear Up" promotional material throughout the campaign.

Gear Up in Europe

These countries launch Gear Up this year. Go visit the local Wavin campaign site to find out more about campaign details and review local campaign terms & conditions:

Contact & Support

The Wavin Gear Up campaign is country specific where in each country the campaign is executed differently. Campaign conditions (eg discounts, promotional offers, gifts) mentioned in Wavin group communication on Wavin group channels are not valid. Please check the campaign conditions in your own country by visiting the local Gear Up campaign website. If you have any questions or if your country is not mentioned, we advise you to contact your local Wavin company or contact person. 

Now, let's get you geared up!