Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Wavin joins forces with innovative Dutch start-up MetroPolder

Wavin is pleased to have acquired Dutch start-up MetroPolder. With the acquisition, Wavin adds specific expertise and solutions for urban flood control. MetroPolder’s knowledge and expertise brings Wavin closer to its goal of closing the water cycle in cities and making cities future-proof. This announcement comes against the backdrop of increasingly extreme weather events and long periods of drought that have been pressuring the liveability of cities around the world.

Water storage on rooftops

Rainwater has been seen as waste, especially in urban areas. Until now cities are mostly designed to dispose of water as quickly as possible. However, globally cities are at risk of running out of water by 2050 due to the effects of climate change. This is why we need to close the waterloop.

The Dutch startup MetroPolder is a pioneer in the field of water storage on green flat roofs. The company has developed a technology to capture water on flat roofs and reuse it for cooling, irrigation and recycling. Friso Klapwijk, CEO of MetroPolder: “Wavin sees rainwater as a resource, not a problem. That's where we found each other. We want to make cities future-proof, by applying smart water management. Think of reusing rainwater or for cooling cities to combat heat stress. We are pleased and proud to be part of the Wavin family from now on”.

Dynamic water storage

The blue-green roofs are equipped with a buffer system, an internet-connected valve and an online dashboard. The valves sensors and rain radars control the water level and discharge real-time. This smart connection enables dynamic water storage. A proven effective technology that has been implemented in projects in several locations worldwide, including the Netherlands, Guatemala, United States, France and the United Kingdom.   

Maarten Roef, CEO of Wavin: “The green/blue roof solution of MetroPolder is a proven successful, international, application that puts Wavin as a company in an even better position to make cities more climate resilient. Supplemented with the knowledge and expertise of MetroPolder, we are convinced that we will succeed in getting more and more cities to look at the applications of water differently. Because the opportunities are plentiful”.