Thursday, August 17, 2017

Wavin builds in “hip” Rotterdam

Wavin‘s construction and installation consultant Johan de Jongh is a native Rotterdammer. And even though nobody can see it on the outside, he knows exactly in which of the beautiful Maasstad buildings Wavin products have been installed. And he is proud of that.

Kop van Zuid

The Kop van Zuid is an impressive part of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, located on the south bank of the Nieuwe Maas – opposite the center of town. Starting 1997, the whole of Kop van Zuid was built from the ground up. From 1873 to 1978, the Wilhelminapier on the Kop van Zuid was a farewell hub for travelers traveling through the Holland-America Line (HAL) – to and from North America and Canada. In the mid-1980’s, the area around the pier started to decay and, in the evening, it was an area to avoid. Since then, new construction and development has had positive consequences. And now, there is always something to do at the many cultural hotspots and restaurants on the pier.

It starts with good advice

As a consultant for Building and Installation (B & I) at Wavin Netherlands, Johan de Jongh has been involved in many projects – mostly for rainwater drainage and in-house waste water discharge. However, because Wavin has an integrated project approach, the work goes far beyond just the indoor installation. Says Johan, "Water management does not stop at the façade, it could also be a good drainage of, for example, a parking lot."  Wavin is able to handle so many beautiful jobs, thanks to the good relationship with the installation companies involved and their positive interaction with Wavin. According to Johan, “We are happy to support our customers in designing specific solutions. Customers know that they can always rely on our good advice."

The KPN Telecom Building / Tower on South

Many distinctive buildings are undoubtedly located at the Wilhelminapier – like the Tower on South (KPN office building on the Kop van Zuid) where installers at Noordzij Rozenburg installed the Wavin QuickStream system and a PE inner drainage system. In the 165-meter Maastoren office building, installers from Sanitair-Installatie Hoogendoorn used the Wavin Tigris pipeline system for the drainage system. And, to add icing to the cake, there is of course De Rotterdam, designed by top architect Rem Koolhaas – the largest building in Europe with 160,000 square meters of floor space. Here, Sanitair-Installatie Hoogendoorn installed the Wavin Tigris, for the drinking water supply system. The building construction includes a hotel, apartments, offices, restaurants, shops and a parking garage.

Here are some more of the buildings where Wavin products have been installed…


A day in Rotterdam is not complete without a visit to the Markthal. A hotspot where you can eat food throughout the Foodmarket and at various food stores. There are also shops, 228 apartments, a supermarket and a parking garage. The building, just two years old, is already an icon and has won several awards - including the great architectural prize. Installation company Spindler placed Wavin PE waste water discharge in all the apartments. The underlying four parking layers were provided by Noordzij Rozenburg, using Wavin products as well. Next up: Rotterdam's Central Station.

Central Station

The Central Station Rotterdam is worth seeing. The original 1950's station was well taken care of. Among other things, there was a new glass hood construction covering 13 tracks and 7 platforms, and a completely new station hall. Because of the shape of this station hall, residents call the building ‘The Shark’.
A great job for Wavin, who was able to deliver the Wavin QuickStream system for both the station hall and the glass hood construction. For an efficient and fast drainage of rainwater, 400 QuickStream roof outlets were installed by Noordzij Rozenburg. Next up: apartment buildings Seattle and Boston.

Seattle and Boston

Not yet finished, but already special are the residential buildings Seattle and Boston, each 23 floors high. The construction company J.P van Eesteren is building these towers on the Wilhelminapier on top of a three-storey building, which will soon be inhabited by offices and retail shops. There is also an undergroung parking garage that is being constructed. Installers from Spindler installation will be using Wavin's PE waste water drainage.

Wavin is thrilled to be part of this new and hip transformation that is happening in this historic Rotterdam neighborhood. To find out more about this and some of the many other exciting projects that we’re working on, follow us on our Facebook and/or LinkedIn pages.