Solving the puzzle of rainwater

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Making Cities Climate-Resilient

Climate change is changing precipitation patterns across the globe. Each year, rainstorms and flooding events are escalating in both frequency and severity. Conversely, droughts are also increasing in intensity. And cities are experiencing the consequences of both – excessive rain and severe drought. With municipal water utilities already strained by decades of underinvestment and aging infrastructure, they now face a whole new spectrum of challenges, due to climate change, growing urban populations and legacy drainage and sewer systems which are inadequate for handling the rainfall levels we see today.

The challenge of solving the puzzle of stormwater is something that the innovators and stormwater wizards at Wavin have faced head-on… and solved. We examined every piece of the rainwater puzzle – from how to deal with flooding, droughts and surface water pollution to groundwater depletion and urban heat stress. These are the 5 major stormwater challenges that cities are facing today.

Wavin's approach

Our approach to evaluating and measuring the sustainability of urban drainage projects is holistic in nature – comprising of non-structural and structural measures like road gullies and tree tanks. Sustainable attenuation and infiltration boxes are our forte. And we created long-lasting solutions with key characteristics: fast and easy to handle, install and maintain, reliable, practical, versatile, and sustainable – from the Wavin Tegra Road Gully, AquaCell infiltration units and Q-Bic Plus rainwater units to our unique conversion of Q-Bic Plus for use as tree tanks.

At Wavin, we believe that resilience – in the context of urban stormwater management – should be a flexible, adaptive process whereby cities learn to cope with changing societal needs (such as health, hygiene and environmental safety) and a volatile climate.

Solving the puzzle of rainwater

In the following short animation, we will give you a ‘bird’s eye view’ into how Wavin has solved each of the 5 key pieces to the puzzle of Stormwater Management.