Non inspectable Units AquaCell

Wavin’s Aquacell Core is a non-inspectable unit, designed for use together with Aquacell Plus inspectable units. Units are made from virgin polypropylene, are robust, and are designed for at least 50 years’ life under severe loading conditions.

What’s next?

Our project design team will calculate the optimal configuration of your installation, taking local groundwater conditions and loading fully into account. Contact us right at the start of your project, so we can help you achieve the best in price and performance.

A secure choice

Aquacell Core attenuation and infiltration units are modular, robust and long-lasting. They are designed for use in conjunction with Aquacell Plus inspectable units. Made from virgin polypropylene, they will give at least fifty years’ service.

Modular and versatile

Our light-weight Aquacell Core plastic units are modular and versatile. You can build underground tanks quickly and easily, combining Aquacell Core and Aquacell Plus modules to make the best use of available space. Aquacell has clear advantages over traditional concrete attenuation tanks: no drying time, less excavation needed, and easy to manipulate and position.

Ground water and loading conditions

Wavin Aquacell Core units are designed and manufactured to withstand high groundwater conditions and severe traffic loading for a period of 50 years without service.