Pushfit Hep2O

Wavin’s Hep2O range connects as easily to flexible polybutylene pipe as it does to copper. It is designed to give you the highest possible flow rates. Its exceptional reliability is the result of four decades’ experience.

Secure installation

You get a secure fit every time thanks to Wavin’s In4Sure security feature. Once the connection is in place, you twist the pipe or fitting and feel the “rumble” – signaling a perfect fit.


If fittings need to be demounted at any stage, it can be done quickly and safely using our special HepKey tool. You can demount and re-use the tamper-proof Hep2O connectors several times without any reduction in performance.

Flexible and versatile

Wavin’s Hep2O push-fit allows you to work as easily with copper as with flexible pipe straight off the coil. We offer a comprehensive range of over 300 fittings, available in high-performance polybutylene plastic or brass, both standard and DZR.

What’s next?

Hep2O Push-fit systems are part of an extensive range of Wavin products for domestic and commercial environments. Explore Wavin’s selection of solutions for drinking and waste water, and for heating and cooling. Talk to Wavin about your specific needs and objectives.