Pushfit smartFix

Wavin’s smartFIX offers the fittings and multilayer pipes needed for installations in restricted spaces. They are easy to install and connection is fast and secure. All products have been extensively tested for secure performance.

What’s next?

Push-fit smartFIX systems are part of an extensive range of Wavin products for domestic and commercial environments. Explore Wavin’s selection of solutions for drinking and waste water, and for heating and cooling. Talk to Wavin design services about your specific needs and objectives.


The aluminum layer in the pipes reduces thermal expansion, making them comparable to copper. The cross-linked PEXc inner layer makes the pipes flexible and bendable. This means fewer connectors, simplifying installation and reducing cost. Full compatibility with both Tigris K1 and Tigris M1 connectors.

Reliable connections

Wavin’s smartFIX push-fit system delivers reliable, fast and easy connection. Simply cut and calibrate the pipe before pushing together for a lasting fit. With a full range of plastic and brass fittings, smartFIX is ideal for both repair and hard-to-access areas.