Where you need to prevent foul sewer gases from entering a building, HepvO can be installed as an alternative to conventional water traps. HepvO is suitable for use on sanitary appliances (e.g. wash handbasins, kitchen sinks, showers), and can also be installed on discharge pipework from unvented domestic hot water systems and condensate lines from boilers and airconditioning units.


How it works

HepvO is different to traditional water traps as it uses a soft silicone rubber membrane to create a seal, instead of “trapped” water. HepvO can be installed vertically or horizontally. HepvO is available in 1 ¼” and 1 ½” dimensions. HepvO joints are compression type. Running adaptors and knuckle bends are available as part of the system.

What's next?

Looking for other problem solvers? Specifically for WC outlets, Wavin offers HepFlex Soil. The flexible Pan Connectors provide the perfect solution when connecting two fixed points within a soil system. The socket, with its internal seal, produces a flexible self-sealing system that allows for up to 14º pipework deflection.

When to use

HepvO can be used more effectively than a conventional trap in domestic and commercial situations. This includes residential, marine and mobile home installations, where space is at a premium and where fixtures remain unused for a long period of time.