Private disconnection

Our domestic re-use system quickly enables you to save 10 litres of drinking water a day. It will also reduce the risk of flooding. By collecting the rainwater, it no longer ends up in the sewers. Using our system, you can store the water or allow it to filter directly into the soil.


Choosing the system

When choosing the correct collection system for your situation, you must take three factors into account: the amount of rainwater to be collected, what you want to use the rainwater for and the minimum storage capacity required.

The minimum required storage capacity

The minimum required storage depends on the balance between amount of water collected, the amount used and the maximum outflow to the public system or amount of infiltration. Therefore next to the storage for re-use in most cases a combination with infiltration or controlled run-off is needed.

The application

We are also happy to provide you with advice on infiltration only, whereby the rainwater goes into the soil, and on re-use. If you want to re-use the rainwater, your system will need a storage tank as well an infiltration function.

What’s next?

You can easily expand your private disconnection system with additional infiltration systems such as AquaCell. In addition, you can use other Wavin rainwater discharge systems and products such as QuickStream, conventional rainwater discharge, Drain and Wavin gullies.

The required capacity

Wavin helps you to calculate the desired capacity for your infiltration system. We do so on the basis of municipal storage requirements, the excess water frequency and the surface area where collection is required. Your system has to be able to store the calculated amount of rainwater at a minimum. What's more, by stacking infiltration units, you can create a huge capacity.