Siphonic roofdrainage QuickStream

Wavin QuickStream manages the heaviest rainfall with ease. It’s the ideal choice for complex roofs on non-residential structures. Wavin’s design and calculation services show how smaller pipe sizes free building space and reduce installation cost. The QuickStream system is available in both PE and PVC.


System design

Wavin design software optimizes system design for performance, safety and reliability. We design your QuickStream system according to the specific characteristics of your building. QuickStream also connects seamlessly with our complete range of below-ground components.

What’s next?

QuickStream connects seamlessly with our complete range of below-ground components. Talk to Wavin design services about your specific needs and objectives.

Siphonic versus traditional gravity-fed roof drainage

Smaller pipe dimensions, fewer roof outlets and downpipes, and shorter total pipe lengths all reduce installation costs. Because lateral pipes need no gradient, you maximize the use of building height too.


The Wavin bracketing system for horizontal pipe-work makes installation fast, easy and safe. We’ve made installing metal roof outlets trouble-free with a robust design which minimizes the number of parts.


Wavin’s design software has rigorous safety checks built in – we only release safe designs. The bracketing system is unaffected by pipe elongation resulting from temperature change. Special inspection chambers allow ventilation and overflow, preventing water accumulating on the roof. Wavin QuickStream has evolved over 30 years of successful projects.