Small inspection chambers for deep installations

Wavin’s inspection chambers are cost-efficient and durable. They are fully compliant with part 2 of the European EN13598 standard. The chambers resist groundwater pressure down to a depth of three meters.


Flow configuration

The range supports both straight-through and 45o collection flow configurations for 110-200 mm smooth wall pipes. The IC 315 chambers include an additional 90o collection base with smaller side inlets to the main channel. This helps you to avoid the use of external reducers and bends.

Flexible and robust

Corrugated shafts are available for both ranges. Shafts are easy to cut to the required length. Corrugation ensures the shaft adapts to movement of the surrounding soil, reducing vertical loads on the base while keeping covers level with the surface. The IC 400 can also be supplied with a socket for a smooth wall riser.

What’s next?

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Our IC 400 and IC 315 PP inspection chambers comply with the European EN13598-2 standard for deep installations and ground water tables up to 3 m.

Top solutions

Wavin offers a full range of top solutions for IC 400 and IC 315, including A15 class plastic covers.