Compact Pipe®

Sewer pipes

Sewer and waste water pressure pipelines

Compact Pipe® can be installed in over existing shaft structures and installed in the damaged old pipe. Two Compact Pipe® product variants can be used for trenchless laying of sewer pipes and sewage pressure pipes.


Compact Pipe® PE 80-RT has been offered for municipal measures for decades. However, the PE 80-RT (Raised Temperature) material used can do much more and so we also use this variant for industrial sites. Compact Pipe® in PE 80 RT quality, colour natural/white (Raised Temperature) Material meets the requirements of ISO 24033, PE-RT type 2 for 70°C continuous temperature for hot water transport.  The Compact Pipe® is approved by DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) and meets the requirements of EN ISO 11296-3.


Compact Pipe® in PE 100 quality is available for both applications and is produced according to the specifications of EN ISO 11296-3 and EN ISO 11297-3. The inspection-friendly, green color ensures the best insights for analog and digital TV inspections (see IBAK certificate on inspection-friendliness). According to the SKZ/TÜV-LGA quality guideline (pipes, shafts and components in landfills) from September 2013, Compact Pipe® pipes in PE 100, green, have the required FNCT value > 1600 h.

Compact Pipe® - Finding solutions

Sewer pipe installation in Poland

Compact Pipe® was installed over a length of 8800 m

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Sewer pipe installation in Latin America

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Under Pressure 

Requirements for and practical examples of the rehabilitation of pressurised wastewater lines
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