17 August 2020

Wavin re-enters Indonesia with new suite of solutions to support sustainable development and local communities

Recognising sustainable development as a critical component for economic recovery, Wavin marks its return to Indonesia by launching new pipe and fitting solutions that will bolster the rebuilding process and environmental efforts.


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 – As the largest economy in Southeast Asia[1], Indonesia is home to a rapidly-growing urban population[2] that is navigating pressing challenges surrounding sanitation, water supply, urbanisation and sustainability, exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic. As the country’s water resources and infrastructure continue to face increasing pressure, the Indonesian government has implemented commendable solutions to address these pertinent issues, such as the national PAMSIMAS Program[3] which is providing millions with water and sanitation facilities. In alignment with Indonesia’s recovery efforts and focus on sustainable development, Wavin, the world-leading solutions provider for the building and infrastructure industry, announces its return to Indonesia by launching a new suite of innovative pipe and fittings solutions. 

Wavin’s solutions, which range from piping and fittings, indoor climate to cable ducting, will be launched under the theme Warisan Masa Depan, with the goal of building a healthier and more sustainable built environment for future generations in Indonesia. With the Indonesian government continuing to drive forward large-scale infrastructural developments[4], including expanding clean tap water coverage in Jakarta[5] to curb the potential spread of COVID-19, these solutions will help equip the industry with effective tools for safe and sustainable development.

“With access to safe water and hygiene being more critical than ever to families, Wavin is committed to continuous innovation that will keep Indonesia liveable and sustainable,” said Mr. Freek Crum

For media inquiries, please contact:

Angela Wu
Marketing Manager
Wavin APAC

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Press Release - Wavin Re-Enters Indonesia (English)
Press Release - Wavin Re-Enters Indonesia (Bahasa)