07 June 2022

A Return to Physical Interactions: Wavin x Singapore Plumbing Society Workshop

The first physical event since Covid-19, a collaboration between Wavin and the Singapore Plumbing Society, provided an opportunity for experts to learn more about Wavin’s latest innovations.

The pandemic brought about a halt to life as we knew it. The physical, in-person interactions that we assumed to be normal were suddenly restricted and as we moved indoors, we also adapted to new ways of living, working, and interacting. As the world gets back onto its feet and things return to the old ways, Wavin APAC organized its first face-to-face event at its Singapore headquarters. 




The Wavin x Singapore Plumbing Society Workshop on June 3, 2022, was the first physical event in Singapore since the shutdowns imposed due to Covid-19. With Wavin’s commitment to always ensure that customers are in the know of the latest innovations introduced by Wavin, this event, organized in collaboration with the Singapore Plumbing Society, was another opportunity to engage the industry experts and stakeholders. At the event, the latest innovations from Wavin for water supply and management were showcased for the participants, including the revolutionary Wavin Tigris K5/M5, the low-noise Wavin AS+ drainage solutions and Wavin SiTech+ systems. Additionally, participants were also given a walkthrough of the Wavin BIM content packages and the advantages they provide for facilitating ease in design and planning. 



The participants, members of the Singapore Plumbing Society, were given demos of the products which was followed by a tour of the Wavin Academy. Experts from the Wavin team were present to provide clarifications to queries from participants and give in-depth responses. At the end of the workshop, each participant was provided a goody bag containing a Wavin Tigris K5/M5 Test Pack Sample.

Feedback elicited from the participants after the conclusion of the workshop was positive, with participants expressing their happiness at the hands-on nature of the workshop and its relevance for the Singapore market.




With the culmination of this workshop, Wavin has set the tone for future events and will continue to organize more such hands-on in-person workshops to connect with the people and experts.