PP Manchet

Wafix PP is a versatile, straightforward solution for in-house drainage. The impact-resistant pipes can even be installed when it is frosty. The excellent chemical resistance makes them ideal for fixing applications.


System Information

Installation benefits

Wafix PP is most installation friendly. Thanks to its slim design and the fact that the push-fit connections do not require any tools, quick installation is guaranteed, even in confined spaces like ceiling crossings.

What’s next?

When installing your in-house discharge system, you must also pay due attention to fire safety. It is essential to ensure that pipe conduits have a fire-resistant seal. Our fire collars have been tested according to international fire standards. You can use them on PE, PVC, PP and Wavin AS pipes, on straight and diagonal conduits, in ceilings and in walls.

The secret of Wafix PP — the patented rubber ring

The secret of Wafix PP is a patented rubber ring designed by Wavin, guaranteeing a leak-proof seal. The system has been designed so that the ring cannot be pushed away when inserting a pipe or fitting, making the system effortless to install!