Controls and thermostats

We have an effective concept and offer two control units: AHC 8200 for 1-2 circuits and AHC 9000 for 2-16 circuits. Both control systems are supplied as wireless and the AHC 9000 also comes pre-wired.


System Information

What’s next?

As the leading provider of plumbing systems, we offer tailor-made solutions that go beyond our already extensive standard program. Read more about our underfloor heating systems in our brochure.

Easy installation and registration

The AHC 9000 can be installed in minutes without the use of tools. The registration of room thermostats takes place in the usual manner: simply, quickly and without the use of a manual. The AHC 8200 is supplied as a complete set with telestater and encoded room thermostats.

Optimised control unit

The AHC 9000 control unit can control up to 16 circuits, so that even in larger buildings it is only necessary to install a single control unit. Each device can be connected to 48 components in total (magnetic switches and room thermostats), and it is possible to interconnect up to three devices in larger buildings. There is also the option of connecting to CTS installations.

Touch screen display

The AHC 9000 has a touch screen display. Together with the control unit, this opens up a world of extra functionalities. For example, the user can easily change the settings of the underfloor heating system and receive a comprehensive overview.