PVC Glue

Wadal provides you with a tensile resistant system through solvent cement joints. A proven and secure solution for in-house soil and waste drains.


System Information

Wide range of diameters and a number of special fittings

Wadal provides you with a solution for every situation. The diameter of the pipes and fittings ranges from 32 mm up to 200 mm. In addition, this system offers a wide range of special fittings, such as saddle clamps and flexible rubber pipe couplers.

Professional solvent cement from leading brand Griffon

To guarantee a leak-proof connection, it is important to use a professional cement. We offer cements from the leading brand Griffon. Griffon has the correct cement for every situation, whether you prefab your systems or install them in-situ.

Tight fit ensures leak-proof connection

Since close fitfings offer an additional guarantee for leak-proof connection, this is the preferred solution. Moreover, they are easier to install: you can even lay out and measure the entire pipeline prior to fixation.

What’s next?

If you want an in-house soil and waste drain that creates as little noise as possible, use Wavin AS. This system was specially designed to reduce the noise of discharging waste water as much as possible. Independent research has shown that Wavin AS is the most effective low-noise plastic piping system.