Twin wall Novafort

Additional to the multi-layer and X-stream twin wall pipes, Wavin also has the possibility to deliver PVC twin wall pipes for foul and rain water. The pipes can be used in conjunction to the inspection and manhole series of Wavin.


System Information

What’s next?

Twin wall pipes can be very well combined with the Wavin Tegra manhole and inspection chambers.

Choice of stiffness and sizes

Novafort twin wall pipes come in a variety of stiffness classifications from SN 4 or SN 8, depending on size, and come in lengths of 6 meters. They are available in 110 – 1100 mm diameters.


The Novafort twin wall pipes comply to ISO 21138.

Transport and drainage

Novafort twin wall pipe is manufactured in a PVC extrusion process which creates an outer corrugated wall and a smooth finished inner wall to assist hydraulic flow. Solid wall PVC fittings and inspection chambers and manholes can be used together with the pipes.