We provide two types of manifold connection for underfloor heating systems: ¾" is typically used for small installations and 1" for larger installations.


System Information

Built-in line-up control valve

The distribution pipes circulate the heat to the individual strings via a supply pipe. The valves, which are built into the return pipe have a built-in line-up control valve. We supply distribution systems as a set including a supply pipe, a return pipe and pipe connectors.

Flowmeters or manual line-up control valves

The distribution pipes distribute the heat to the individual strings via supply pipes, either with built-in flowmeters or line-up control/shut-off valves. The line-up control valve has a "memory-ring", which makes it possible to shut off a circuit without changing the control of the line-up.


The return distribution pipes supply the system via a control and come as standard with a valve for manual operation, and are also controlled by a room thermostat.

What’s next?

We will be happy to help you choose the right underfloor heating system. You can read more about our product range of pipes, shunts or controls.