Wavin BIM Revit Content Packages

BIM by Wavin puts a new level of productivity at your fingertips, enabling everyone in the construction chain to access the full time and cost of the BIM way of working.

Harnessing 100% accurate content and intelligent design assistance fuels a boost in productivity that delivers invaluable efficiencies at every phase of a project.

Benefits of Wavin BIM Revit Packages

 Wavin Revit packages will allow users to reach a 100% accurate representation of the way piping systems will actually be installed; easily and without the use of product catalogues. The package also features a fully integrated Bill of Materials.

Automated Bill of Materials

As each model is created, a Bill of Materials is automatically being built in the background to mirror it, detailing every product part and code needed to build it. 

Faster by Design

Significantly faster to use than competitor packages, precise models can be created in a fraction of the time and be fed into a project earlier. We have proven its superior performance in a number of side-by-side comparisons with other packages.

Precise Design with Intelligent Assistance

By automating key aspects of pipe system design, the intelligent assistance in our packages speeds the process and removes the risk of costly errors being made. Ours is the only BIM content to feature a visual accuracy check.

Discover Wavin BIM Revit packages and download them today!

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BIM Downloads

Wavin Tigris K5

Our new Tigris K5/M5 turns pressure testing into your new favorite activity. Perform your pressure test with air and a loud sound will indicate where there is an unpressed fitting. But pressure testing with the Tigris K5/M5 press coupling has many more advantages!

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Wavin AS

Wavin AS+ is the world’s best-performing and commonly installed low sound waste water system. We take the guesswork out of system design too, with our revolutionary sound prediction device.

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Wavin PPR Ekoplastik pipes use innovative materials to real advantage. Its deliver higher pressure performance and achieve high temperature resistance.

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Wavin SiTech

Wavin's Sitech+ is the best in the soil & waste market in terms of low-noise drainage fittings system, due to its mineral reinforced polypropylene core.

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Wavin PPR Pilsa

Wavin PP-R/PPR-CT Pilsa is a secure pipe that gives you an extensive range of components. Perfect to deliver clean water for domestic and commercial environments.

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