How it all began

Wavin's story begins in 1950s in Zwolle, the Netherlands. The local water utility found itself battling against serious (iron) pipe corrosion and a significant loss of water. Company founder Johan Keller decided that something needed to be done urgently; he succeeded in producing the world’s first plastic pressure pipes for potable water. The Wavin company was founded to focus solely on plastic pipe production.

Looking ahead

Wavin is now a global leader in the supply of plastic pipe systems and solutions. Since the 1950s, we have built an unrivalled reputation for continuous innovation, intelligent problem-solving, dedicated technical support and the highest standards.
The world does not stand still. Wavin has always been looking ahead – and innovating. Not just in product design, but also in technology and customer-focused operations - the world does not stand still.

The World's First....

Below are Wavin’s first-in-the-world innovations: breakthrough innovations that changed the way installers and contractors work.

  • Wavin AS: low-noise system for waste water
  • Infiltration units: the answer to a growing demand to handle peaks in rainfall
  • Wavin Tigris K1: plastic press-fittings made from high-performance PPSU 
  • Tegra manholes and inspection chambers: the ideal choice for all public sewer systems
  • Wavin TS DOQ: multi-layer PE pipe with outer protection layer
  • Wavin Hep2O push-fit: intelligent push-fit technology 
  • PPr Fiber Basalt pipe: high performance, innovative materials