Pushfit ED Tech

ED Tech products made of PP for waste water discharge are the ideal solution for anyone who wants a quick and easy connection system. A push-fit system, made watertight using elastomeric seals. Triple-layer pipes, with a white inner layer for easier inspection. Low linear expansion.


System Information

Wide range

Wavin's range of PP products for waste water discharge includes many types of fittings and single-or double-socketed pipes, measuring from 0.25 metres to 3 metres in length. Range available from 32 to 160 mm diameter, including accessories and connections to other materials. System conforms to EN 1451 standards.

Quick and easy connection

One of the key features of Wavin ED Tech pipes and fittings is the ease of jointing with a push-fit, the quickest and easiest connection. Sealings are made from an elastomeric material that ensure sealing and durability even in restrictive conditions.

Resistant and flexible

Wavin's ED Tech offers excellent resistance to high temperatures for commercial drainage of washing machines and dishwasher outlets. Walls of pipes and fittings are perfectly smooth, preventing the build-up of deposits (no clogging). High impact strength, even at 0°C caused by extreme pipe flexibility through multilayer concept in combination with PP material properties.

What’s next?

The PP discharge system for waste water is part of the wide range of Wavin products designed for residential and commercial environments. They can also be easily integrated with all the reinforced and soundproofed push-fit discharge solutions, and with systems made of PE, PVC or cast iron by using special fittings.

Triple-layer pipes

One of the first triple-layer pipe on the market for building drainage. The three co-extruded layers have different functions to deliver superior performance. The outer layer ensures high resistance and protection against atmospheric conditions; the intermediate layer ensures a high resistance to impacts even at 0°C, and the white inner layer facilitates inspection and increased fluid flow.