Siphons EMU

Wavin offers a wide range of Wavin EMU siphons for all types of outlet. Siphons for washbasins, bidets and sinks, drains for baths and showers, floor drains and terrace drains, attachments for toilets, air vents and washing machine and condensation outlets are available.


System Information

Key features

Reliability, ease of assembly and functionality are the defining characteristics of Wavin EMU siphons. In addition, the choice of the materials (PP and PE) guarantees an excellent resistance to high temperatures, fats and chemicals. The smooth walls also protect against scaling (self-cleaning effect).

Models that can be inspected

The siphon must not only ensure correct functionality by preventing unpleasant emissions and waste water back flow, but should also make inspection and cleaning easy. Wavin EMU siphons are self-cleaning and easy to inspect in the unlikely event of a blockage.

Anti-suction device

Wavin EMU sink siphons have an independent component for washing machine and dishwasher outlets with an anti-suction device. This device is crucial as it prevents the discharge pressure of the washing machine or dishwasher causing the sink siphon to drain.

What’s next?

The range of Wavin EMU siphons is part of the wide range of Wavin products designed for residential and commercial environments. Of particular note is the innovative siphon with a patented HepvO membrane, designed and manufactured to solve all those critical installation and operational problems caused by the draining of traditional water siphons.

Anti-odour siphon

A correct water column height prevents odours escaping from the waste system. The minimum height of the water column must be kept at a minimum of 50 mm for the siphon to work properly. Wavin siphons provide hydraulic closure as required by the UNI 1253 standard.