Waste water

Wavin wastewater management system is the best wastewater treatment system that delivers the best performance by reducing noise from the running water. It is a robust, dependable, and sustainable system, making it a proven solution for soil and waste discharge and its highly effective management. This exceptionally reliable wastewater drainage system consists of high-quality waste pipes and fittings, making it long-lasting.

Standard drainage

Soil  Waste 550x160

Wavin's standard drainage offers a comprehensive choice of materials for waste water system, and all of our solutions are secure and durable connections

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Low-noise drainage

AS 550x160

Wavin's low-noise drainage system offers you the best in reducing noise from waste water delivery, best for hotels, apartments and houses projects.

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Siphons & Traps

Hepvo 550x160

Wavin's siphons & traps are hepVo and EMU, durable and easy to fit. Best to use for commercial building and housing especially for sinks, showers, baths.

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