Close fit Compact pipe

With over 1.5 million meters installed worldwide, Wavin Compact Pipe can really be considered as a proven and mature system. Compact Pipe technology offers the rehabilitation of a defective pipeline by close-fit lining providing a new PE 100 pipeline.


System Information


After cleaning, the pipe is easily inserted. Depending on the diameter, installation lengths of up to 600 m are possible. Once inserted, heat and pressure are applied to achieve a close-fit into the host pipe. The solution provides a new independent pipeline with the same quality as regular PE pipelines.

What’s next?

Use Wavin Compact Pipe for rehabilitation where performance and flow capacity shall be restored. For extremely harsh conditions Compact Pipe is available also in PE 100 RC material. Where increase of flow capacity is required, Wavin TS DOQ pipes are appropriate for pipe bursting.


Wavin Compact Pipe is factory-folded and wound in continuous lengths on steel drums. It can be applied to rehabilitate existing pipelines (in diameters up to 500 mm) with the least disruption to the social environment whilst accommodating bends.

Easy connection

It's easy to connect to the existing network. You can use electrofusion, butt-fusion or mechanical connections. Compact Pipe is compatible with the complete Wavin PE fitting range. Various solutions for lateral connections are available.