PE 100 Double Layer

Our PE 100 Standard range is complemented by double-layer PE 100 pipes. Our two layer systems have superior resistance against point loads and cracks for alternative installation methods.


System Information

Versatile application

Our PE 100 Double Layer pipes are designed for open-cut installation on a sand bed. They are available in diameters from 90 to 450 mm, with an SDR of 17 and 11.

What’s next?

Wavin also offers multi-layer pipes in PE-100 RC material (Wavin TSDOQ) for open cut installations without sand bed and trenchless methods, such as directional drilling and pipe bursting.

Pipe concept

Wavin PE 100 Double Layer pipes are co-extruded using traditional PE 100 material. The outer layer makes up about 10% of standard wall thickness and is coloured according to the medium to be transported. Blue for drinking water, orange for gas and green for sewage.

Connection choice

You can connect PE 100 Double Layer pipes using all established polyethylene fusion techniques. Wavin offers a complete range of PE 100 fusion fittings.