Lining Neofit

Neofit provides a barrier against contamination of potable water and it is able to fight leakages in existing service pipes.


System Information

Effective principle

A small flexible tube made of PET material, provided with longitudinal ribs on the outside, is inserted and subsequently inflated up to 2.2 times the original size to form a closely fitting, thin walled liner. An effective barrier between water supply and pipe material is thereby provided.

What’s next?

Neofit is one of the systems offered by Wavin to tackle problems encountered with existing mains and services. Together with Compact Pipe and Wavin TSDOQ special pipe solutions are now available for a wide range of pipeline rehabilitation needs.

Easy installation

The operation is very quick. From disconnection of water supply to end of treatment takes one hour. Complete housing estates can be renovated in a few weeks.

Extra feature

The thin liner provides leak tightness in bridging socket gaps and holes in the wall, i.e. it is a true interactive liner.