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May 19, 2016

Wavin launches breakthrough BIM Revit piping packages

Building information modelling (BIM) has revolutionized the construction industry. Construction design is a complex process which involves an intricate collaboration between the design team (architects and engineers), the building contractor and the specialty trades. Communication is key. BIM helps to integrate all the pieces of the building puzzle in a seamless manner. This is why Wavin, a global industry leader in plastic pipe systems and solutions, has announced the launch of its new BIM content packages for plumbing and drainage – providing MEP BIM modellers with a Revit® package that is custom-designed for 'as-built' pipe systems. By providing its stakeholders with Revit packages which enable users to arrive very easily at a 100% 'as-built' piping solution, Wavin is helping to pave the way for building construction to now also benefit from the efficiency benefits of the BIM way of working for pipe systems.

Generic Revit piping systems vs. Wavin Revit 'as-built' models

Not all BIM objects are created equal. Currently, good “as built” construction elements like walls, doors, toilets, sinks, windows and more are available in Revit. The pipe systems, however, are inserted as generic models (i.e. generic tees, reducers, etc) in BIM projects. This makes them error-prone, inefficient and therefore less cost-effective. Companies should always strive to reach the 'as-built' status, as it is an exact representation of how the building will be built. For MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) BIM modelling professionals, it is the virtual "Holy Grail." It is far more complicated to make a piping system 'as-built' – there are many factors to consider, such as different bends, and to pick the right combination of fittings to make a junction. A junction can exist from 1 Tee fitting up to 6 fittings (see picture).

BIM Revit Wavin Junction 1 Tee and Junction 6 fittings

Wavin's added intelligent assistance to its Revit piping packages which enable the user to insert all fittings in the example picture automatically by one single mouse click whether this is one Tee or a combination of multiple fittings and thus arrive at a 100% 'as-built' – quickly and seamlessly.

Building design phase

MEP engineers or Revit piping modellers will be able to produce precise designs easily without the use of catalogues and product knowledge thanks to the software's intelligent assistance. Any potential problems, like clash detection (i.e. check whether the pipes will clash with the structure or other pipe systems), will be accurately detected. These can be corrected more easily and efficiently in the design phase before they become real problems – resulting in low failure rates and no wasted time.

Building construction phase

Contractors and installers will enjoy the ease of use of predefined pipe and fitting schedules which makes extracting the full and exact bill of material a matter of a few mouse clicks. They furthermore benefit from correct installation drawings and a maximum reduction of the failure costs during the installation process. Moreover, exact pipe length will make prefabrication of pipe parts possible to further reduce the installation costs. Last but not least an exact ‘as built’ will make it possible to order parts in phases without ordering the wrong products, too many or insufficient products.

Building operations phase

Facilities and office managers can save on maintenance costs since the BIM model will now also have an exact representation of the pipe system incorporated.

Another Wavin world's first

Wavin is always looking to connect to better, which is why it has such a solid reputation for providing customers with innovative, leading edge plastic piping solutions. And Wavin has done it again – as the world's first piping system supplier to deliver a Revit piping package with built-in "intelligent assistance" that makes it easy and quick to insert a 100% foolproof 'as built' piping system. BIM just got a serious upgrade. Wavin's Revit content package have been made country specific since the product ranges and product

portfolios differ per country. Please check which free Revit piping content packages are available for your project via our Wavin BIM page. To ease the learning curve for users, Wavin has created tutorials and tips-and-tricks videos on a dedicated YouTube channel. Additionally, Revit modellers have access to a downloadable training manual and training options, so that they may immediately enjoy the benefits of the intelligent assistance that is built in to the Revit piping packages.

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