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Can anyone use the Wavin Rewards App?
No. The Wavin Rewards App is open to residents in the UK aged eighteen or older and who are sole traders and small businesses not working on large commercial contracts, or for regional housebuilders and national developers.
What can I do if I receive a message saying I am not eligible to use the Wavin Rewards App? 
If you would like to talk to us further about your eligibility please contact us at
Where can I use my Wavin Rewards App?
You can use your Wavin Rewards App with any stockist of Wavin, Hep2O, Osma or Hepworth Clay product across the UK, both independents and national stockists.
How can I find my local Wavin stockist?
You can find your nearest Wavin stockist by visiting our stockist locator.
Can I upload receipts or invoices for any Wavin product?
Yes. You can upload receipts/invoices for any Wavin, Hep2O, Osma or Hepworth Clay product.
How do I upload my receipts/invoices?
It couldn’t be easier. There are three ways to upload your proof of purchase: Take or upload a photo of your receipt of invoice, upload a PDF of your receipt of invoice or email your receipt of invoice. Instructions are given in the App.
My uploaded receipt/invoice is now pending. How long will it take for my points to be added to my account?
We aim to check any pending receipts/invoices within 72 hours of submission. If for any reason, your submission is still pending after this period, please contact us for further information using the contact form in the 'Contact Us' section of the App.
My uploaded receipt/invoice has been rejected. Why?
Only valid reciepts/invoices will be processed. Please refer to the recent activity in your wallet (in the App) where reasons for receipt/invoice rejections will be explained.
Is there a limit on the number of receipts/invoices I can upload?
No, once you have registered for the App you can upload as many receipts/invoices as you like. However, please note that we will award points up to a maximum spend threshold of £1200 per month on Wavin products. Any duplicate submissions will not be processed. We will send you a notification to let you know that your £1200 limit has been reached. Your receipt/invoice will also be rejected as a result of your exceeding this maximum limit and this reason for rejection will appear in the recent activity in your wallet (in the App). Please note; any points we may gift you in a given month e.g. for referring a friend or for your birthday, will be over and above the points limit linked to your own purchases.
What is a point worth?
For every £1 you spend on Wavin products (as shown on your receipt/invoice) you will be eligible to receive 1 (one) loyalty point. You can check your up-to-date points status in your points balance on the home screen of the App.
How long are my points and rewards valid for? 
There is no time limit on the validity of your Wavin Rewards points. However please note; If you have not interacted with the App for 12 months (by interaction in this instance we mean uploading a receipt/invoice or using points for a reward), we will set your points balance to zero. We will notify you of this 30 days beforehand and if there is no interaction within the 30 day period any unused points will be forfeited. The length of the validity of Rewards themselves are subject to the terms and conditions of the individual brands fulfilling the reward.
When can I start collecting points?
You will be able to start collecting points once you have downloaded the App, set up your account and submitted your first receipt/invoice.
Do I have to upload my receipts/invoices straight away following a purchase?
You need to provide evidence of your purchase within 2 months of the date of purchase. Only receipts submitted up to 7 days prior to your registration date will be accepted.
Can I gift my points to someone else?
No, you cannot gift your points to anyone else.
If I refer a friend to use the Wavin Rewards App will I be rewarded for doing so?
There is a refer a friend option within the App - go to your Profile and select Preferences. You will see the 'Share referral invite' as the first option. Select this and follow the intstructions. On referring a friend who then downloads and registers to use the App, both you and your friend will be awarded points - the number may vary from time to time depending on promotions but will typically be around 250 points.
Can I leave the Wavin Rewards program?
You can choose to stop using the App or to delete it from your device at any time. If you have not interacted with the App for 2 years (by interaction we mean submitting a receipt/invoice or using points for a reward), we may give you notice ending your right to use the App and removing you from the Loyalty Programme. If we give you notice for non-use, you will be able to continue to earn and redeem points in accordance with the Wawin Rewards App Terms and Conditions for 30 days after the date of our notice. Unredeemed points will be forfeited after the end of the 30 day period.
What's the best way to make contact if I have any queries?
For help using the App or if you have any queries about the Wavin Rewards App Terms and Conditions please use the 'contact' form within the 'Contact us' section of the App or alternatively, email our support team at
I used points for a reward but I have not received the reward or had any communication about it. What should I do?
If you have used points for a reward and have susequently not received the reward, please use the 'contact' form within the 'Contact us' section of the App or alternatively, email our support team at
I have received a reward and have a question regarding the Terms and Conditions associated with it. What should I do?
When you receive your reward there should be information regarding who to contact regarding any specific questions regarding the Terms and Conditions of the particular brand.