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Building sustainability into everything we do

Making the sustainable, attainable

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Making the sustainable, attainable

Sustainable thinking is good. Sustainable action is better. Better for the communities that we live in. Better for the planet that we share.

As a market leading contributor to the built environment, our sights are firmly set on leading our industry in sustainability by 2025. We’re backing this ambition with real investment, real action, real outcomes and real leadership. Ultimately, our goal is to achieve Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2050.

Working with our customers, users and suppliers, we’ll design out carbon from every product and process that we’re responsible for. Our focus throughout will be to build healthier, more sustainable environments for all.

Our Sustainability Journey is well and truly underway at Wavin.


Let’s work together to help build a better future for generations to come. 

Wavin UK

Sustainability video

Mike Ward, Territory Director at Wavin UK explains how seriously we take sustainability at Wavin UK. Watch the video to see what we are doing to make a difference.

Carbon Net Zero - Our commitment

We are committed to reaching carbon net zero in 2050 in line with the government target and are proud to have been awarded the status of Construct Zero Industry Business champion by the Construction Leadership Council. Read more

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is an important factor to consider where packaging is concerned. We are committed to removing virgin plastic from our packaging range with the vast majority already having 30% recycled content.

We are continuously researching new and innovative packaging solutions, as well as, looking at where our packaging can be reused, and how we might change materials and reduce sizes for efficiency and carbon reduction. Download flyer

How we accomplish this



We continuously develop innovative solutions for safe and sustainable water usage that support vulnerable communities and help our customers meet the challenges of climate change.

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Social inclusion

We create a positive impact on (local) communities by improving accessibility to basic human needs such as education and safe water in regions where infrastructure is lacking behind.

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Circular economy

Our materials and products are designed to be reused and recycled to maximise environmental value. To close the material loop, we continuously improve our procurement processes and contribute to the increase of recyclate usage. 

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Clear targets are key for a sustainability program. We want to create full transparency and disclosure to all stakeholders, so we develop tools, processes, and skills to collect high quality data.

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Environmental impact

We continuously optimise our production and value chain processes to lower greenhouse gas emissions. This is achieved with sustainable energy, SMART solutions, and other innovative fine tunings.

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Public affairs

We are actively involved in policy development and build strategic alliances to promote sustainability, act upon it and further grow awareness. 

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