Heavy rain due to climate change, increased the chance of urban flooding. Reduce the risk of damage by providing good rainwater management system.

Collect from street


Stormwater drainage system is essential in preventing floods. Wavin's gullies and sand traps collect rainwater and dirt from road surfaces quickly.

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QuickStream Collect

By collecting rainwater from roofs and road surfaces, you help minimize the risk of flooding and water damage. For small roofs, Wavin has a wide range of gutters available. Whereas for larger roofs, Wavin QuickStream is available in both PE and PVC.

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Transport & drainage


Complete drainage system for effective rainwater disposal that will safely transport surplus water whatever the volume or flow and secure guaranteed.

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Wavin Grease Separators

Wavin clean rainwater management system offer a perfect solution to remove pollutant from collected rainwater before discharge, includes oil, sand & heavy metal

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Attenuate & infiltrate


Wavin attenuate & infiltration system manage the full control of rainwater and slowly discharges into the surrounding soil even in the highest rainfall.

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Harvest rainwater for use as a safe and sustainable alternative to mains drinking water and also irrigation, flushing toilets or washing vehicles.

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